Quick Cuban Sandwich-Inspired Grilled Sandwiches

I say ‘inspired’ because usually, a lot of time goes into a true Cuban sandwich. With tender slow-roasted pork typically as the main ingredient, a good Cuban basically consists of meats, cheese, pickles and mustard on a nice, crusty bread.

My variation, let’s call it a ‘deli-improvised’ version, is quick, easy and full of flavor. And, it makes a great dinner option when you’ve run out of ideas! Bonus: it only uses one pan (easy clean up!). The best tip I can offer is to work quickly, since your pan is heating up as you start piling up your sandwich.

Add these items to your grocery shopping list (amounts will vary depending on how many people you’re feeding) and watch the slide show below for the step by step how-to!

  • Good bread: I used what my supermarket calls “Italian Panne”. It’s a round, crusty Italian bread that’s ideal for panini, avocado toast and grilled cheese.
  • Deli Sliced Boiled Ham – sliced thin
  • Deli Sliced Roasted Turkey – sliced thin
  • Deli Sliced Swiss Cheese – sliced thin (I used Jarlsberg)
  • Sliced Pickles – I used Vlasik Stackers Kosher Dill (they’re sliced lengthwise and fit perfectly on these sandwiches!)
  • Yellow Mustard – up for debate – we only had Spicy Brown in the house at the time and it worked just fine, however I think if you’re a yellow mustard lover, go with that!
  • Olive Oil Cooking Spray – to coat pan and bread tops