67341186_10219079754322581_8506084366386987008_nParenting, art, and cooking. That’s pretty much what I’m about! I’m a mom, wife, artist, and trained Pastry Chef who now spends her days in Automotive Marketing after leaving a 20+ year career in social media, design and marketing for a local culinary shop.

I love finding fun and easy ways to save money, but I’ll admit that I have a bit of an obsession with kitchen gadgets – from the Crock Pot to the Instant Pot and now my Air Fryer, I’m always in search of something new and exciting – and that makes meal prep easier and faster.

Here, I’ll share tips, recipes, product reviews and fun life stuff with anyone interested in reading. I’d like to try and keep this ad-free (I hate scrolling through ads when I’m trying to read a recipe!), so it would mean a ton to me if you took a sec to visit my Etsy Shop – you may find something you like!

Visit my Contact page to submit questions or post suggestions!

Here are more places to see what I’m up to:

insta 1  insta 2  FB

Thanks for stopping by!

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