Air Fried BACON!

Yep, you read that right. And lucky for you, I experimented and got the timing just right!

I used one pound of bacon and my Cosori 5.8qt Air Fryer.

Lay bacon in the fryer basket, overlapping slightly and add a teaspoon of water into the pan (I read that this helps reduce the smoke when cooking). It took two batches to cook one pound of bacon. TIP: be sure to empty grease drippings after first batch.

This was my first attempt – 400° (no preheating), cooked for 12 minutes. Came out a bit tooooo crispy.

I emptied out the grease after the first batch and filled up my basket again. This time, 400° for 10 minutes. PERFECTION! Remove from basket and drain on paper towels.

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